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Macroeconomics, Robotics & Manufacturing

Methods and Systems for an Autonomous Supply Chain

National Manufacturing Network – A Post Industrial Economic Doctrine for a Robotic Age

Full 3D Metal (Jacket) Printing @HOME

Sintering of 3D Printed Metal @HOME

         Digitally Assisted Micro-Fabrication of Consumer Grade Goods @HOME

Quantum Lisp – Manufacturing Constraint Optimisation using Quantum Physics

Autonomous Supply Chain – A  Simulation [PASSWORD]

Manufacturing Near Me: Geospatial Analytics –  Tasmania Demonstrator COMING SOON

Autonomous Supply Chain – Refactoring Clausewitz Military Strategy: An Essay [PASSWORD]

Reasoning System Articles

The Anatomy of a Puzzle

The Reasoned Lisper

Cryptanalysis with Reasoning Systems

Specification Driven Programming – A Design Pattern

Advanced C++ and Lisp Articles

Embedding Lisp in C++ – A Recipe

Lambda-Over-Lambda in C++14

Modern C++ and Lisp Programming Style

Functional Programming Articles

Meta-Circular Adventures in Functional Abstraction

Closures are Beautiful

Functional Programming

Functional Programming – Introduction

Functional Programming – Languages

Functional Programming – Concepts

Functional Programming – Process Algebra

Functional Programming – Epilogue

 Emacs Articles

Emacs IDE Frametools

Emacs OCaml IDE

Emacs & OCaml on IPad

Linux on iPhone Articles

Emacs & OCaml on IPad

Embeddable Common Lisp on IPhone

IPython Notebook on IPhone

Node.js Java Script on iOS

QMole Linux Desktop Manual

QMole – Linux Apps on iPhone

Linked-In Profile

My Linked-In Profile




3 responses to “Blog Library

  1. hinthint

    The RSS of this blog does not work!

  2. Hey man! Just stumbled across your blog, interesting stuff. Your RSS feed appears to be empty, though –

    Is this because your ‘posts’ are actually WordPress ‘pages’? Is this intentional? Do consider fixing this, I’m sure there are a lot of people who would like to subscribe.

  3. Pingback: Yellow soap Opera blog :: My 2017_01 Prediction About the American Industrialization Project of the Donald Trump

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