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Macroeconomics, Robotics & Manufacturing

Methods and Systems for an Autonomous Supply Chain

National Manufacturing Network – A Post Industrial Economic Doctrine for a Robotic Age

Full 3D Metal (Jacket) Printing @HOME

Sintering of 3D Printed Metal @HOME

         Digitally Assisted Micro-Fabrication of Consumer Grade Goods @HOME

Quantum Lisp – Manufacturing Constraint Optimisation using Quantum Physics

Autonomous Supply Chain – A  Simulation [PASSWORD]

Manufacturing Near Me: Geospatial Analytics –  Tasmania Demonstrator COMING SOON

Autonomous Supply Chain – Refactoring Clausewitz Military Strategy: An Essay [PASSWORD]

Reasoning System Articles

The Anatomy of a Puzzle

The Reasoned Lisper

Cryptanalysis with Reasoning Systems

Specification Driven Programming – A Design Pattern

Advanced C++ and Lisp Articles

Embedding Lisp in C++ – A Recipe

Lambda-Over-Lambda in C++14

Modern C++ and Lisp Programming Style

Functional Programming Articles

Meta-Circular Adventures in Functional Abstraction

Closures are Beautiful

Functional Programming

Functional Programming – Introduction

Functional Programming – Languages

Functional Programming – Concepts

Functional Programming – Process Algebra

Functional Programming – Epilogue

 Emacs Articles

Emacs IDE Frametools

Emacs OCaml IDE

Emacs & OCaml on IPad

Linux on iPhone Articles

Emacs & OCaml on IPad

Embeddable Common Lisp on IPhone

IPython Notebook on IPhone

Node.js Java Script on iOS

QMole Linux Desktop Manual

QMole – Linux Apps on iPhone

Linked-In Profile

My Linked-In Profile





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