Emacs IDE Frametools

Toolbar & GUI elements managing IDE centric functionality & settings

IDE Frame Tools is written in Lisp & aims to graphically consolidate the following features:

1) Code browsing and outlining
2) Code navigation: jumping to declarations & references
3) Code navigation: splitting and unsplitting frames
4) Code folding
5) Advanced search and edit via code aware search tools ( ack-grep )
6) Basic refactoring (rename cross files)

I wrote and maintain Emacs IDE Frametools and actively use the framework for both C++ & Lisp development.





The aim is to provide boiler plate functionality for the development of IDEs under Emacs.

Dependencies & Requirements:

  • Emacs Code Browser: ECB
  • Semantic Cedet ( Full Installation Recommended )
  • Ack Grep ( Emacs plugin & External Binary from beyondgrep.com )
  • Moccur-Edit

Emacs IDE Frame Tools on Sourceforge


8 responses to “Emacs IDE Frametools

  1. Santanu Chakrabarti

    Hi, I have installed all the dependencies and packages. When I am starting emacs its throwing error: error: Font not available, #

    What I need to do?

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  3. You might simply comment out the line “(set-face-font ‘speedbar-face “-outline-Courier New-normal-normal-normal-mono-11-*-*-*-c-*-iso8859-1″)
    ” in the file ideframetools.el. Alternatively, you might install the corresponding font. And finally, take a look here for some help with the setup:


    All the best

    Chris Kohlhepp

  4. Santanu Chakrabarti

    Thanks Chris for your reply to my above post. programmerscratchpad is my blog :-). I was then desperately trying to figure out how to resolve this font error. Later I found on net that I need to install MS true font.

  5. ruxob

    Hi, how to avoid this error when i init IDE Frametools
    File error: Cannot open load file, semantic-make

    • I hope I mentioned in the requirements that cedet is needed. semantic-make is part of cedet. I use cedet’s 1.1 source install, not a Melpa installation. Please ask if you encounter further problems. Best Regards. Chris Kohlhepp

  6. ruxob

    when i try to install cedet 1.1 Emacs tell me i allready have cedet 2.0 already loaded. how to avoid cedet 2.0 for cedet 1.1?

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