Emacs & OCaml on IPad


Proof of concept of a graphical port of Emacs to the Apple IPad

Shown below is a native ARM-APPLE-DARWIN port of the Emacs code editor to the Apple IPad as well as its implementation as an OCaml development environment featuring Tuareq mode, code completion and OCaml build chain — also running natively on the IPad. The OCaml stepping debugger (not shown) also works fully integrated with Emacs. These are proof of concept builds in so far as that I have not made the effort to create distributions for Cydia; Apple Appstore is out of the question. I do, however, use Emacs on the IPad natively as a development environment personally. It is, as such, fully functional as an OCaml development environment.

Emacs Port to IPad

Emacs Port to IPad

OCaml Dev Environment on IPAd

OCaml Dev Environment on IPad

OCaml Build on IPad


19 responses to “Emacs & OCaml on IPad

  1. dan Lentz

    This is pretty amazing. When can there be some possibility of getting access to this for the general public?

    • In brief, I need to get this project to a state when I can redistribute it as well as test it across different versions of the IPad. This is not the same as rolling an RPM for Linux or setup.exe wizard for Windows. Apple will not accept this on its AppStore. So I may need to roll a Cydia repo. Watch this space…

  2. Doug Fromoz

    I like the idea of Emacs (particularly GTK) on iPad a lot. Looking forward to being able to try it out.

  3. Would love to be a beta tester. jailbroken on 7.1.1 for ipad 2, may I be lucky for a deb ?

  4. CL

    Wow. When will this be released? I want to run org mode.

  5. +1 , there is a a Vim-based editor for Haskell, I’d love to have emacs.

  6. I could not refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!|

  7. Anon

    Does Merlin for ocaml work? This is so awesome that you’ve got ocaml development working well on the ipad.

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  10. Angelo

    Any news here?

  11. Devon Sean McCullough

    It’s been a year, how’s it going?

  12. Foo Bar

    Any news on this ?

  13. Stephan

    Are these projects still alive? EMacs on ipad would be absolutely fantastic.

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