Node.js Java Script on iOS

I am happy to announce that we have ported Node.js and JavaScript to iOS. The screenshot below shows the Node.js REPL executing the proverbial Hello World that all programming languages must introduce themselves with.

Node.js on IOS

Node.js on IOS

The screenshot may say only “Hello World” but behind this are a potential 128 234 JavaScript packages all waiting for roll-out to iPhones and iPads around the world.  This is almost as exciting as Java level code reusability. JavaScript is interpreted or JIT compiled with Google’s V8 engine. Google V8 is included in our port of Node.js.

NPM Package Manager

NPM Package Manager

As an added bonus, JavaScript is host to a vast catalogue of programming languages. A complete list may be found here:

This makes Node.js on the IOS platform truly exciting.



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